Friday, July 9, 2010

Fix It Friday #61

Another Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces!

I have SO much fun playing with Photoshop Elements and I think it's great that there is a place where we all can show off what we've created!

I hope you enjoy my 3 edits this week!


LOVE Senior sessions! How fun!

Edit 1:

I used ACR to in crease the temperature +4, Exposure +.30, Blacks +3, Contrast +15 and Vibrance +10. Then into PSE 7, where I cropped it slightly and ran Coffeeshop Little Perk!

Edit 2:

Same as Edit 1 and then added the Coffeeshop action: Soft Autumn Glow.

Edit 3:

Same as edit 1 but then converted to B&W with one of my actions (don't remember which one, sorry!)

This week was so much fun for me! Head over to I Heart Faces to see more edits!

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1 comment:

  1. Great job on all three! I love great B&W conversions.

    My favorite is edit #2! Love coffeeshop's stuff!