Monday, February 27, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 8

Week 8 of my photo project!

After 5 weeks, my husband returned to work. The kids and I tried to get back into a 'normal' groove. Heck, I even got to the gym 4 times! Woo hoo! In other pictures: We said good-bye to some dear friends. With all the positives to military life, there are a few real downers....friends moving away is one of them. You may have seen the {H} family on this blog often. They were one of my biggest fans and supporters. They will be deeply missed. =(
Below that picture is cosmic bowling! One of my favorite Air Force events each year here is their bowling fundraiser! I even won the silent auction for that amazing 'movie/game night' basket in the next picture!
Next to that is a pic of my freshly washed there anything cuter =)
Above that is a typical pic here in SW Oklahoma! This is about 2 minutes from my house...moo! At the top are pics of my kids, again. Little C is playing play-dough and Big C is sitting nicely in her new spring dress. I used this pic for my new Spring Mini Session Specials!!!

Our family is going to be out of town a few days this upcoming week, while my husband gets some testing done. This is a big moment for him, as he needs to pass to have the chance to fly again! We would appreciate any prayers you could send his way! Thanks and have a great week =)
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEW - Mini Sessions Now Available!

I am SOOO excited to announce that I am now offering Children's Studio Mini-Sessions! Only $45 for a 30 minute session in my new home studio space.

It is perfect for birthdays, holidays or just because!

Choose from my large assortment of backdrops and props. (Or bring your own.... mementos from home always add a special touch!)

These mini-sessions are customized to fit you!

Here are a few recent images of the new backdrops!


American Flag.

Pink Sparkle

Cream Tufted

Black and White Damask

Contact me for more information or to schedule a mini-session!
(These sessions are designed for children only.)
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 7

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Week 7 included a LOT of food! What's not to like about that =)
First of all we celebrated Valentine's Day with flowers and chocolate. I made the 'whoopie pies' at the bottom. My husband and Big C went to the Daddy/Daughter Dance on base that night while Little C and I got some ice cream. =) Our next door neighbor baked us a large chocolate cake, YUM! We went on a little day trip this past weekend and while at Olive Garden (a restaurant we don't have in our little town) they served us this wine, a Moscato from the Puglia region of Italy. That is the exact region when my Italian ancestors are from! So, of course I had to have a glass....and it was wonderful =) This week I also attempted to make sushi for the first time. Asian/sushi restaurants are another thing we are missing in this town. The flowers are a little preview of what I'm planning for my upcoming Spring Mini Sessions! And last but not least, my kids posing with their "scare-me-not" monsters!
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Friday, February 17, 2012

The {M} Family Deployment Reunion

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a families reunion after a 6-month deployment.

It was a fantastic reunion and I think the pictures speak for themselves =)





Isn't that just the look of pure love and happiness. I'm so happy this moment was captured!
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I came across a really neat picture of camera cookie cutters today and thought, "wow, what a cool idea!"

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

So I clicked on the image and saw that it linked to an actual store called: Photojojo.

AWESOME! They have all sorts of cool and unusual camera related products.

Here are some of my favorites:

Canon Camera Lens Mugs

Digital Time-Lapse Camera

Bokeh Masters Kit

USB Film Roll

Check it out and let me know what your favorite is or if you have any of these cool products!

I LOVE finding fun new camera stuff!! Now I just wish I had an iPhone ;)
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEW - Custom Designed Slideshows!

I am so excited to share something new that I will be offering to my customers this year!

Custom Designed Slideshows!!!

These slideshows will include every edited images from the clients photo gallery and will be set to music. Once purchased, the client will have the slideshow on a disk and be able to upload it to their own blog, Facebook and share it with family! It's definitely an amazing keepsake!!!

Take a look below and two versions of a short, 30 second slideshow. The full versions can be up to 3 minutes!

My children in a "Valentine's Day" video of the quick photo session we did make their Valentine's cards for school. =)

One of my favorite couples! We went out and did a "Modern Country" themed photo session. I loved everything about this!

I think everyone will LOVE having this memento from a photo session!

*Slideshows can be purchased 'a la carte' and are included in each Package.*

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 6

Phew, week 6 was a much better week!

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On the last day of a visit from my husband's parents and grandparents, I took out the good camera and snapped some pictures of the kids. I love how they turned out! My husband taught my kids how to 'dance' while I was out of the house. How precious are they?? My husband ordered flowers for Big C and I for Valentine's Day. They came a bit early, but we didn't mind =) Big C had a very important moment this week: she read her first book! The picture is of Big C reading a Bob Book to my husband! I had the opportunity to have a girls night out to celebrate my 30th birthday (which was in December, but I delayed the party because of the holidays and then my husband's accident postponed the festivities until this past weekend!) We went out and all got our nails done then had dinner. It was a fabulous time! Last but not least, we got our 1st snow of the year!!!! A fun week all around!

I also had the amazing opportunity to photography a deployment reunion of some friends of ours. I will have photos of that coming up soon. The family had been apart for over 6 months! I was blessed be asked to capture the memories them!

We are so thankful for a happy, fun week. My husband did have a doctor's appointment with some good news (the break in his hand has healed) and some not so good news (the doc thinks he may have torn the MCL in his knee). But things are still good.

Thanks for stopping by again this week. I appreciate your visits!!!
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 5

Week 5: Another week down in the hubby's recovery process. His family came into town so we had a little bit of action, thankfully....only the fun kind!

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Little C and I after his haircut, I took the kids to their very first high school basketball game to watch our neighbor - who is the cheerleader. (They LOVED it, although their faces don't show it in this pic.) My husband's family came in town and we went and saw some buffalo on the way to a restaurant, everyone eating pancake breakfast and we stopped by my husband's office and people placed a tumbleweed on his desk as a joke. Nice.

It was great having family in town to help us get through another week at home. There will be a doctor appointment this coming week, so hopefully good news is around the corner!

Have a wonderful week =)
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