Monday, February 13, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 6

Phew, week 6 was a much better week!

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On the last day of a visit from my husband's parents and grandparents, I took out the good camera and snapped some pictures of the kids. I love how they turned out! My husband taught my kids how to 'dance' while I was out of the house. How precious are they?? My husband ordered flowers for Big C and I for Valentine's Day. They came a bit early, but we didn't mind =) Big C had a very important moment this week: she read her first book! The picture is of Big C reading a Bob Book to my husband! I had the opportunity to have a girls night out to celebrate my 30th birthday (which was in December, but I delayed the party because of the holidays and then my husband's accident postponed the festivities until this past weekend!) We went out and all got our nails done then had dinner. It was a fabulous time! Last but not least, we got our 1st snow of the year!!!! A fun week all around!

I also had the amazing opportunity to photography a deployment reunion of some friends of ours. I will have photos of that coming up soon. The family had been apart for over 6 months! I was blessed be asked to capture the memories them!

We are so thankful for a happy, fun week. My husband did have a doctor's appointment with some good news (the break in his hand has healed) and some not so good news (the doc thinks he may have torn the MCL in his knee). But things are still good.

Thanks for stopping by again this week. I appreciate your visits!!!
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  1. YAAAA Catherine!!! What a big girl! I love your nails...and that gorgeous ring!!!!!