Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's A Party

My son had the first of his two 1st Birthday Parties last night.

And of course it isn't a party without tissue paper!

And Balloons!
We will be out of town for the next 2 weeks. I've got 4 photo sessions to do as well, so I'm definitely going to have a LOT to post when we return!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big C is 1 Year Old

My son's best friend, Big C, turned 1 year-old last week. (They both have the same name, so he is Big C and my son is Little C!)

We enjoyed some cooler morning weather and got a lot of adorable pictures outside!


I LOVED his Superman outfit! Megan did a great job picking out his clothes!

Once it got too hot we headed back inside.

A great B&W!

He didn't sit still for long =)

Time for loving on Mama!

It was such a joy spending the morning with Megan and Big C!!! Happy Birthday!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fix It Friday #67

TGIF! That how I'm feeling today ;)

When I saw the picture today for Fix It Friday @ I Heart Faces I knew I'd have to make several different edits!


Edit 1 Faded:

Edit 2 Rosy:

Edit 3 Sunshine:

Edit 4 Boost:

I usually list my editing process, but sorry....I just played around too much this morning to remember! But I used ACR and PSE 7 =)

Thanks for stopping by and let me know which edit you like the best!!!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pixel Perfect Blog Hop

Happy Thursday everyone! This week for my Before/After over at Pixel Perfect I have a photo from a recent 1-year-old photo session.


I LOVE his Superman outfit! It was so colorful and adorable!


In ACR I increased the temperature as the photo felt a bit cool. I also increased the exposure quite a bit, along with the contrast, vibrabnce and saturation. I really wanted those colors to be so bold!
The red chair we used was the perfect accent. (there are plenty more red chair pics too!)

Then in PSE 7, I used the lasso tool to select his eyes then used the unsharp mask to sharpen them. After that I ran Coffeeshop's action: Little Perk!

I hope to have more pics from this guys session up tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by and check out more Before/Afters over at Pixel Perfect =)

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix It Friday #66

This week at I Heart Faces we get the chance to edit a adorable little boy with baby blues very similar to my son's. =)


Quite a stunning photo SOOC (straigh out of the camera). There were so many things you could do.......

Edit #1:

Increased the temperature, exposure, contrast and vibrance in ACR. Then in PSE 7, I cropped the image down, added a warming photo filter. I like warm photos! Then I increased the contrast again. I ran Coffeeshop's Glamour Glow and Little Perk actions.

Edit 2:

Same ACR edits. In PSE 7 I cropped again and added the warming filter. Then I used Florabella's Luxe action in Mademoiselle.

Edit #3:

Same ACR edits, cropped in PSE 7, then Florabella's B&W action in Vanilla.

Thanks for checking out my edits! To see more stop by I Heart Faces for this week's Fix-It Friday!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blog Hop

Another Blog Hop at Pixel Perfect!

I really look forward to these each week, and this time I went back in my 'archives' to find a picture of my son at 8 months old. (He'll be 1 in only a few days!!!)



I cropped this photo drastically, and ran the Coffeeshop action: Color Pop!

And because I couldn't choose just one. Here is another of him!



In ACR I increased the blacks and the contrast. Then in PSE 7 I used the lasso tool to select his eyes and I increased the saturation. I then ran the Coffeeshop Action: Little Perk. I'm just in love with those BLUE eyes!

Thanks for stopping by, check out more amazing edits over at Pixel Perfect!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lydia's Maternity Preview

It has been SO extremely hot here in Oklahoma over the past few weeks. So when my friend, Lydia, asked me to do some maternity and mom/son shots for her I knew we had to stay inside. It's not really my ideal situation, but we definitley made it work!!! She had some nice natural light through a sliding glass door and I had a few tricks up my sleeve to soften my flash.

Enjoy the preview of Lydia, Diego and baby Isaac due in September!


She's beautiful! And her eyes are amazing!!!


Diego needed those Cheerios! Gotta love it!

Sweet kiss for Mom.


We definitely had a lot of fun with this shoot! I can't wait to take some pics of little Isaac when he arrives =)
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fix It Friday #65

What a cute blue-eyed boy we have today for Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces!
Here is the Before:
I increased the temperature and contrast in ACR then opened the image in PSE7. I added a photo filter to warm up the image even more and sharpened his eyes with the unsharp mask. For the last 'pop' I ran Florabella's Luxe action, London.
Thanks for stopping by! =)
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before/After Blog Hop

Finally a picture not of my children! LOL! This week I have a photo from a maternity/mom & me shoot I did on Monday. We shot indoors, as it's over 100 degrees here in Oklahoma!

Here are Lydia and her son Diego She is due in September with another little boy!



I used ACR to brighten and add contrast. In PSE 7 I created a new layer and used the cloning tool to erase the shadow on the wall. I then ran the Coffeeshop Action: Little Perk to give it a little color boost. I just LOVE the expression on his face! We really had a great time!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy all the edits over at Pixel Perfect!

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