Monday, March 5, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 9


Wow, Week 9! How are we already into March!??!
Last week we were quite busy! We traveled to North Texas so my husband could get some testing done. Thankfully, he did a wonderful job and passed every test. This is a big step for his ability to be allowed to fly again! The top three photos on the right are of my kids playing at a park while Daddy was testing with the doctors. Below that is a beautiful spring flowers that bloomed while we were on 'vacation.' To the left of that is my daughter thoroughly enjoying herself at a Hibachi type restaurant. It was such a fun experience for the kids! To the left of that is the view from our room on base. It's so much fun staying on base while on trips. Lastly, the picture at the top/left is my daughter playing with her new dragons. Have you seen the movie, How to Train A Dragon? My kids love it and now have the dragons to prove it ;)

Things are warming up here in OK and we are so happy to be spending more time outside! I hope you've all had a wonderful week and get to enjoy this Spring weather!
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