Monday, January 2, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: In Pictures

Thanks to the inspiration of a group of American photographers in Germany who created a 365-challenge: Year As A Military Spouse
I plan on sharing a little bit about our military family life with all of you! I hope to keep this as a once weekly post - hopefully posting on Mondays. With pictur
es of course! I look forward to what this year has in store for us and sharing it with you!
My first post should be up on Monday, January 9th!

Here are a few pics for now of my Air Force Man:

And our "official" picture at the 2011 Air Force Ball =)

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this!

***Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to imply that military life is better or worse than anything else, it's just a little different and at times, unique! And for safety reasons names, dates and locations may be changed or removed. Thanks for understanding! ***
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