Monday, January 16, 2012

Year As A Military Spouse: Week 2

Here we go for week 2!

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This was a tough week.

So lets review.... My husband flew this week (well he does every week). You know its cold outside when the leather jacket makes an appearance. He had an in-flight emergency on the flight and had to make an emergency landing. They landed safely and it was probably scarier for the student than my hubby, but those are definitely some of the not-fun moments around here.

My daughter continued to work on her pre-reading skills. She also had her first dance class! That was a big success!

Unfortunately, besides the flight emergency, it was past 7pm when hubby got home several nights this week. This led to one tired and cranky momma!

The kids had playgroup at the local gymnastics place.

I had fun playing with a few new backdrops and props! Thankfully my kids agreed to be good models =)

So far I'm enjoying this project and I hope you like getting a glimpse into our 'military life!'
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