Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 Week Project- Week 4

I've decided to officially participate in MCP's 52 week challenge =) You can join anytime so get cracking!!!

Somehow I missed a week. So week 4's theme is: "Soothing Repetition." Hm....interesting. I took a look around MCP's blog, FB page and Official Flickr Group to get a better understanding as to how people were interpreting this theme. Then it came to me. (After considering photographing a group of wine bottles....soothing to me!) My son's pacifier is incredibly soothing to him =) When I looked in the drawer I saw the perfect amount of blue and green pacis. Awesome!

Here is my photo, enjoy!

Soothing Repetition.

If you're interested in participating with this 52 week project Week 5's suggested theme is: Muse.
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