Friday, February 4, 2011

Fix It Friday #85

Friday, woo hoo! It's been a LONG week here in OK. We woke up to surprise snow flurries! Yeah, had no idea that was coming....and supposedly, more next week! Should be interesting. =)

So for FIF at I Heart Faces I used the new, awesome Florabella Luxe II actions! Yep, I broke down and purchased the new set. (The 3rd set of Florabella actions I have!) Luckily, I had a lovely email in my inbox today with a $20 off coupon code =)

Anyways, I had to use them ASAP!


Edit 1:

Florabella Luxe II action: Angel

Edit 2:

Florabella Luxe II action: Blush

Edit 3:

Florabella Luxe II action: Film (you know me, I had to use a B&W!)

I totally plan on playing with these actions this weekend on my own images. I can't wait to report back to you all with some great Before/Afters!

Have a great, safe weekend!
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  1. Loved your edits! I'm also purchasing the new PSE Florabella actions this weekend! so excited....these will be my first set from her but have admired her for a while now! I got the e-mail with the discount, too! score!! glad you used them on your edits today...very cool to see them in action :)

  2. BW wins it for me, but I like the Blush too :D

  3. Great edits. I love the black and white.