Friday, February 11, 2011

Fix It Friday #86

A seriously adorable picture for us to edit today! This little model is Rachel Durik's daughter. I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet Rachel in person and take one of her online Lightroom classes. She is SO nice and I only wish we could've met when I was living in Florida (where she is) and not after we moved to Oklahoma!!! If you're interested, check out Rachel's blog too. =)

Moving on....

Here is the SOOC:

After looking at one of the I Heart Faces FIF tutorials by Andrea Riley, I wanted to give her look a shot.

Edit 1:

I really like it! I've recently re-discovered the burn tool and have found a lot of uses for it! Seriously, the learning never ends in Photoshop!!!

Edit 2:

I took the base ACR edit and ran Florabella Luxe II action Vivid Color. It is very cool, you run the action and then "paint" on where you want the vivid color to be (here I painted vivid color onto her red hat, pants and blue jacket).

Edit 3:

Same basic ACR edit and then Florabella Luxe II action Smitten.

Edit 4:

Same basic ACR edit and then I finally had the time to play with the 2 B&W actions in the new Florabella Luxe II set. This one I actually LOVE, it's called B&W Blush. What a nice rosy color added to a B&W image!

Feel free to let me know which edit you like the best! More edits of this image can be found at I Heart Faces!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
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