Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Edit Me Week 13

Wow, what an amazing image we have to edit this week!!! Thanks Amber!
I knew that I was going to enjoy playing with this image and boy did I, but strangely I though I might end up doing more than I actually did. Take a look:

Here's the before image:

My edit:

In ACR I knew I wanted to bring out the gorgeous blues of the water and sky. So, I cooled the image (increasing the blues on the temperature slider) and I thought that had a GREAT effect to the overall image! After getting the color I was looking for I just amped it up a bit by increasing the exposure, blacks, contrast, vibrance and saturation. Then once I brought it over to PSE7 I only added text. Now, I'm not one to usually add any kind of text to my image, but this one just screamed out for a powerful quote! I began thinking of one that would the Internet for a few minutes, then realized- HELLO, my Pinterest quotes board! And bingo, I found the one I had been looking for. I hope you find it as powerful as I do. I'm totally in love with this entire image. =)

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  1. perfect quote. love how it goes with this scene!

  2. Oh so true! Sometimes I wish He would calm the storm a little more, but thankfully I am not the one in control.

  3. Great edit. I love that quote. I needed to hear that tonight. Thank you Michelle.

  4. Not too many people brightened the pic in their edit. I love it!!! Lovely quote!

  5. I love the quote you added - that's just perfect!

  6. Okay, I loooove this edit! The quote and the blue monochromatic look... excellent :)