Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Edit Me Week 14

Another water/boat theme this week on Branson's Edit Me Challenge! This image was a bit of a challenge for me, as I wasn't completely sure what direction I wanted to go. But I ended up for a more dramatic edit than I usually do and even added some texture!!!


My Edit:


I made very minor adjustments in ACR, then in PSE 7 I made a large crop to focus on the boat and dock. Then I ran the Coffeeshop action: Color Pop. After that I chose a subtle hazy texture and changed the blending mode to hard light and the opacity to 30%. There ya have it =) Head on over to the Edit Me challenge to see what other amazign edit were made to this image!!!

My Reflection of Something
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  1. I really like how clear the picture turned out, and a bit more focused it is. Nice edit!

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful clean edit! I love the crop and clarity!