Monday, October 4, 2010

Canvas On Demand

Have you ever purchased a Canvas Print?? I've always thought they looked beautiful displayed in people's homes but I've never had one of my own, until now!!!

Recently a wonderful company named, Canvas On Demand, had a huge sale and it was my chance to purchase my first (well 2) canvases.

There is no doubt that I have a TON of photos of my children. It took me at least a week to find the "perfect photos" to have printed on a 16x24 canvas.

They arrived last week and I am IN LOVE with how they turned out! Canvas on Demand did a wonderful job and the 2 prints I have are truly pieces of artwork in my home!

My daughter.

My son.

How it looks in my living room. (There is room for 1 more and I'm hoping to have a nice family photo soon that we can have printed for that area.)

You can see the "canvas" look.

These photos are canvas "wraps." So the image actualy wraps around the frame.



The quality is phenomenal, the service was outstanding and I totally recommend canvas wraps to all my friends (and customers)!
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  1. L-O-V-E!!!! I am sooooo going to order!! Thanks for sharing your great find.