Friday, October 29, 2010

Fix It Friday #76

What an adorable photo we have to edit today! I really like how it is already, nothing to "fix." That just leaves having FUN with it!


Edit 1:

Increase contrast and vibrance in ACR. Then I ran Coffeeshops Little Perk action.

Edit 2:

Same ACR edits but I ran Coffeeshops Joanna's Memories of Sunshine action and then added a light sunflare.

Edit 3:

Same ACR edits and then I ran the Autumn Air action along with a brown solid color overlay that I adjusted until I was happy. =)

Thanks for stopping by, and on a different note.....I'm off to the I Heart Faces Dream Big Advanced Workshop 1 week from today!!!! Stay tuned for a recap of our awesome weekend!!!!
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  1. I really like you edits- i think the softness of 2 is my fav