Friday, October 15, 2010

Fix It Friday #74

Oh thank goodness it's Friday!!!

This week's photo for Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces is an adorable photo of a little girl at a pumpkin patch. I can totally relate =)
My Edit:

I did the usual changes in ACR. Then in PSE 7 I cropped the photo a bit to get rid of some of the negative space on the right. Then I warmed up the photo with a warming filter. I also used the lasso tool to select the little girls face and then changed the hue of her skin tone. After that I ran CoffeeShop's Little Perk action and added a sun flare - just for fun!!
Check out more edits over at I Heart Faces!
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  1. I like the sunflare!! Nice touch!

  2. This is nice. You kept enough contrast to keep it interesting.

  3. I like it! Great job!