Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working Vacation

Hey everyone! I'm still on vacation in Phoenix, having a great time! But of course it isn't all a relaxing vacation....I've done 2 beautiful sessions and on Friday I'll get the chance to attend another photography workshop! (I know....I still have tons of pics to share from Dallas.) But I was finally able to confirm my reservation for the Val Westover "Capturing True Emotion" workshop. Here is some info on it from their website:

Beginners and experienced photographers welcome!

Spend some time with award winning professional photographers Val Westover and Stephanie Adriana and learn how to take control of your camera/photography. This workshop is perfect for those who want to gain a strong understanding of their camera.

This workshop includes:
1. Four intense hours of learning
2. Easy to understand step-by-step instructions
3. Basic photography principles
4. How to use all of settings on your camera
5. How to photograph like a pro
6. Artistic photographic theory

By the time you are finished with our workshop you will amaze everyone with your ability to take breathtaking images and your camera will now be an extension of your artistry!

This workshop will address:
1. Essentials - Preparing for success
2. ISO - Controlling the image sensor
3. Aperture - Controlling light and depth of field
4. Shutter Speed - Controlling light and movement
5. Relationship - Combining Aperture and Shutter Speed
6. Lighting - The creation of a photograph
7. Metering - Measuring light for the correct exposure
8. Composition - Arranging the elements of a photograph
9. Completion - Start photographing like a pro

Each attendee receives:
A four hour workshop teaching you how to use and understand all the settings on your camera with Val Westover's book titled A Photographers Guide to Success: How to shoot like a pro. This is a comprehensive workbook filled with tips and practice exercises.

Then after the 4-hour "classroom" part we have a break and then a 2 hour photo "safari!"
I'm looking forward to it! Lots to post when I get back!
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